Responder Morale & Citizen Engagement: The surprising connection that boosts retention

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The surprising solution to burnout

Hear from Chris Debbie, former Chief of Police at Union County, New Jersey, as he joins us to talk about how critical morale can be, and how community engagement could be the surprising solution to burnout in your department.

We will deep dive into:

  • How did we get here?
  • Why morale is so critical to the job – and to agency operations
  • Practical ways to boost morale and reduce burnout
  • Tools that can automate it all!

We will also share our recent report on morale and burnout in law enforcement that highlights best practices to help agencies make improvements even when staffing and resources are limited.

Our latest report

We'll also be sharing our latest report, How to Address the Top 10 Law Enforcement Challenges of 2023, which combines data, SME insights, and research to offer actionable solutions that will benefit you and your agency today.