More Than Great Curriculum: Training for role readiness in the 21st Century

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In this webinar you will hear from former Former Recruitment and Training Unit Sergeant at Leesburg PD, Kevin Zodrow and former Training and Quality Assurance Officer at Hamilton County Public Safety Communications, Robert Saxon. Kevin and Robert will talk about national data, industry best practices, and practical steps to enhance new role training at every level.

We take a deep dive into:

  • Why training has to be more than great curriculum 
  • The numbers: National training data and industry best practices 
  • How to leverage data in your own agency
    1. When are most trainees dropping out?
    2. How can trainers improve their own skills?
    3. Where could the program use the most improvement?
  • Beyond the recruit: Building training for every new role

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Our latest report

We'll also be sharing our latest report, How to Address the Top 10 Law Enforcement Challenges of 2023, which combines data, SME insights, and research to offer actionable solutions that will benefit you and your agency today.