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Trusted by 4,000+ organizations for policy and compliance management

"We are using PowerDMS to provide access and control review and revisions across a multi-site healthcare system. It allows all of our offices to access the policies and sends the proper reminders when policies need to be reviewed. We also set up the workflows so that approval can be automatic." - Stephanie Pins, War Memorial Hospital

"PowerDMS houses all of our documents and procedures…it solves our problem with document approvals, revision control, record retention, and even verifying training effectiveness. Before, we were keeping our records in filing cabinets and it would take forever to keep up with that system. Now we just type in what we need, or what team member we’re searching for and it’s all right there." - Lydia Scott, Henry Schein

"With Public-Facing Documents and PowerDMS, in two clicks we can...ensure our citizens have access to the most current policies and procedures—the same ones our officers are referencing daily." - Lt Robert Quick, BPD

"The documents are easy to find, read and sign off on when necessary. Signatures are easily tracked and employee/user set up is easy as well." - Michelle Baca, Amerisave Mortgage

"Review of policies are quick and easy. You can schedule a review to be conducted on an annual basis. PowerDMS automatically places the review in the appropriate parties' inboxes." - Kathy DeLillo, North Carolina State University Student Health

"Having the history of policy changes and providing a much more efficient way to track communication and acknowledgment makes PowerDMS well worth the investment." - Mimi Merhi, City of Henderson

"PowerDMS allows me to set a time limit on viewing an important policy or procedure. This way I have some reassurance that employees aren't just signing new policies without reading them." - Wendi Lively, Spartanburg County (SC) Emergency Communications

Why you need PowerDMS policy management

  • Accessibility
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency


Manage your Policies

Central Repository

Get unlimited storage for most file types (up to 100MB per file), including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, HTML, and videos.

Mobile App

Deliver policies straight to your staff’s smartphones. Admins can handle essential tasks like document, folder, and user management.

Accessible Platform

We consistently improve accessibility on all our products and strive to adhere to WCAG AA and 508c compliance standards.

Intuitive Keyword Search

Full-text search, an intuitive folder structure, tagging, and bookmarks make it easy for employees to browse and find policies and procedures.

User/Group Permissions

Control who can view, audit, and edit specific folders, documents, or users. Rest assured that every employee has proper levels of access to critical information.

Editing Tool Integrations

Use the editing tools you are already familiar with. PowerDMS integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as OneDrive and Google Drive.



Hold employees accountable to policies and procedures

Electronic Signature Tracking

By capturing and tracking E-signatures, you hold employees accountable to important documents and gain visibility into who’s signed what.

Dashboards & Reports

See outstanding items like missing signatures, incomplete training, or failed tests, to keep employees and managers accountable.

Public-Facing Documents

Build community trust by making select policies publicly accessible. When a policy is revised, the public view is automatically updated

Scheduled Reports

Automatically send reports to supervisors to empower them to hold their direct reports accountable to policies and training.

Version Control

When a policy is updated, the previous version is automatically archived and only the most current is available to employees.

Document Audit Trail

View a complete history of changes throughout a document's lifecycle, including signatures, edits, workflows, approvals, and more.



Eliminate the cost and complexity of outdated policy processes.

To Do List
To-Do List

Upon login employees see a list of outstanding items along with everything they completed that day in PowerDMS.

Email Notifications
Email Notifications

Schedule custom email alerts or send employees an automated to-do list summary of their outstanding items.

Workflow Tools

Route documents for collaboration, review, or approval. Establish consistent processes for each department with workflow templates.

Side-by-Side Comparison
Side-by-Side Comparison

Easily review and approve changes to critical documents with side-by-side, color-coded highlighting of everything that has been added, deleted, or revised.

Policy Review Automation
Policy Review Automation

Schedule recurring reviews for your policies and receive automatic email reminders of those review dates, so none of your documentation falls through the cracks.

Policy-to-Standards Mapping
Policy-to-Standards Mapping

We publish the standards manuals of 40+ accrediting bodies. Map your documents to specific standards so you understand how they impact your compliance.

Rated the #1 policy and compliance management software

University of Central Florida Student Health (FL)

"You don't have to have the binders here, the papers there, and the miscommunication that goes back and forth when you can't find things. PowerDMS brings everything together organizationally and the efficiency."

Mary Schmidt-Owens - UCF Associate Director Healthcare Compliance

Seminole County Sheriff's Office (FL)

"PowerDMS creates a way for us to quickly revise a policy and with one click release it to hundreds of people so they can acknowledge it."

Will Stone - Sergeant

Mennonite Village (OR)

powerdms-arielle-schultz-quote (1)
"I don't even know what we would do if we had to go back to the old system. I would probably leave... it [PowerDMS] works so well."

Arielle Schultz - Mennonite Village (OR)

Springfield Police Department (MO)

"Any time that you can increase public safety transparency in my opinion, you are better protecting the citizens of your community."

Brandy Osborne - Springfield Police Department (MO)