Automating Citizen Feedback to Improve Dispatch Morale

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Emergency Communications Centers are under pressure everyday. While that is not new, the recent challenges of low morale, high turnover rates due to burnout, and difficulties in recruiting qualified candidates have added even greater levels of stress for you and your teams. So, how can you alleviate the pressure? 

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring Gareth Williams, Chief Telecommunicator at Union County Police Regional Dispatch Center, and Scott MacDonald, General Manager of Public Safety at PowerDMS by NEOGOV. They will share their expertise on improving dispatch morale and staff retention by automating citizen feedback.

In this webinar, we’ll do a deep dive into:

  • The Crucial Role of Telecommunicator Morale: Gain insights into why maintaining high morale in your center is crucial for the well-being of telecommunicators and fostering staff retention.
  • How Technology Can Help: Explore how a citizen feedback software can help your center save time and resources by providing automatic text updates to citizens, including response delays or pre-arrival instructions.
  • Union County’s Success Story: Dive into the journey of the Union County Police Regional Dispatch Center as they implemented measures to track citizen satisfaction and improve dispatch morale.

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We'll also be sharing our latest report, How to Address the Top 10 Law Enforcement Challenges of 2023, which combines data, SME insights, and research to offer actionable solutions that will benefit you and your agency today.